ARI Osaka is performing various developments on sound relation and we show the accomplishments as below.
We classify and explain to the developments for electrical audio equipment, electronic circuit, the buildings for sound facility, and sound consulting business.
Various kinds of development especially in connection with hearing are aimed to gentler sound for people.

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Electrical audio equipment

Application development of the loudspeaker, which changes electricity into sound, the listening system using earphone & headphone, and the sound acquisition system using the microphone, which changes sound into electricity. There is apparatus which controls directivity and it changes an acoustic field. Moreover, there is the system which gives the vibration based on sound information to the body.

The development examples

  • Earphone, headphone application

    Using headband and inner type headphone, the loudspeaker unit and the improved cabinet, and the mechanistic sound circuit was attained.

    • Surround earphone
    • Loudspeaker application
  • Characteristic improvement loudspeaker

    Low-frequency sound was reinforced using loudspeakers without using dynamic transducer, and we developed the system integration with microphone and loudspeaker.

    • Ceramic speaker
    • Microphone application
  • Multi-microphone design, sound acquisition, sound editing

    We conducted the development and analysis for the multi-channel microphone array, which can be attached to vehicle.

    • Directional-microphone on vehicle exterior
  • Vibration systems for human body

    The system is designed that the vibration is felt with body directly by actuator in order to be effective in the hearing for music and voice.

    • Building frame vibration type physical feeling systems
    • Aerial vibration type physical feeling systems

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回路設計図 電子回路基板 ソフトウェア 音響スペクトログラム

Electronic circuit

We perform circuit development, which mainly treats the signal of an acoustical system. There are noise cancellations, a system of 3D audio, etc., are embodied circuits by making electronic control and signal processing mainly.

The development samples

  • Electrical control

    It is mainly the motor control of a machine drive, in development for risk avoidance of automatic system.

    • The equipment has the reverse motion control for electric door safely using sound information.
    • Double-sided printer control
  • Signal-processing

    We developed the system by which frequency and a phase make various kinds of important signals change on some condition. We also performed the measure which enables signal transmission by a low noise.

    • Automatic selection system either music or voice programs
    • Noise cancellation type headphone
    • Auditorium and stadium audio facility
    • Headphone system with directivity control
    • Noise cancellation systems for vehicle or train, etc
    • Local acoustic field composition 4D systems
    • DVD drive lead channel analysis, electrical circuit design
    • Blue-ray Disc drive lead channel analysis, electrical circuit design
    • The design of the camera circuit using LED
    • Noise cancellation chair
    • Sound collecting system with microphone array
    • Evaluation system with sound visually
    • Artificial-engine-sound
    • 3D reproduction systems
  • Reproduction circuit

    We design the control circuit for the improved quality of reproduction sound. We performed bass compensation by motional impedance detection.

    • The design of deep bass sound loudspeaker circuit
  • Audio equipment design

    The following is a development example of audio equipment, such as designs of the apparatus of voice transmission, acoustic control, and a mixing system.

    • Fixed-telephone design
    • Multi-channel mixer development and manufacture
  • Sound system application

    It is the application development, which utilized the audible band and the ultrasonic wave for the special use. It is realized vibration by using the sound wave. Also develop the system for acoustic measurement for auto parts.

    • Washing machine with vibration on ultrasonic
    • Plastic film testing machine with tap tone
    • Money type selection system by using sound
    • Rotary drive system for vehicle parts

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Sound facility

The system design of a sound facility is performed from small space or a home to huge space like a stadium. A customer's needs are broadly met from introduction to the optimization after construction. We also support proposal of architectural sound, construction and repair.

The development samples

  • Construction and design of sound facility

    The followings are system designs of the public address system with consideration of good reproduction of intelligibility without harshness.

    • Construction and design of sound facility
  • Acoustic field analysis

    We mainly analyze reverberation and the bad influence with delay, and present problems.

    • High quality sound facility for auditorium and stadium
    • Optimization on room acoustics
  • Amenity sound system

    We design the system which reduces the influence of the noise on factory worker or neighboring, and perform design development of sound for standardization measurement, the experiment anechoic room, etc.

    • Sound isolation/sound insulation system, portable music lesson room

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Improving several sound situation

We perform acoustic measurement, sound quality evaluation, support of sound technology, and consulting. We improve room acoustic quality, and reduction of apparatus sound, etc. We measure it first and perform the acoustic feature and the sound quality evaluation and improve problems by machine and standpoint of the construction.

The improving examples

  • Sound quality evaluation

    We analyze various object sounds. We judge whether it becomes the required comfortable sound quality by psychoacoustics parameters. We find out sounds to become the problem by various filtering.

    • Environmental sound measurement
    • Acoustic measurement analyses, such as auditorium
    • Media sound quality measurement analyses, such as CD and MD
    • Vehicle door sound analysis
    • Measurement evaluation of the game machine characteristic
    • Characteristic measurement of room acoustic
  • Technical support of sound

    Technical assistance of sound measurement

    • Support of acoustic measurement and analysis system technology
  • Consulting

    We perform the sound reducing and equipment design, as reflect the results of sound quality evaluation mentioned above.

    • The design which improves the sound quality of in-store sound
    • The feasibility inspect of DVD media
    • Air purifier nitrogen oxide, a particulate specification test
    • The experiment with scale model of 1 / 10 for auditorium
    • Development of game machine noise reduction
    • Improvement of a microphone wind noise

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