In ARI Osaka Co., Ltd., laws and ordinances about the personal information and other models are followed.
We make it for protection of the important personal information of the customer.

About handling of personal information

We may take personal information appropriately after having informed the use purpose in the following case in us.

  • At the case of customer’s inquiry to us
  • At the case of customer’s service request to us

In addition, the personal information is meant to be personally identifiable with the contents to be provided from customers, and it is formed by name, date of birth, information about the service that was used, reading history of our website and other description.

For the purposes for using personal information

We will use it for the following purposes: customer’s personal information.

  • For the contact to the visitor
  • For the answers to inquiries from customers
  • For the service offered to customers

For the provision of personal information to third parties

We do not disclose or provide its customer’s personal information to any third party except in the following cases.

  • Case with the agreement of the person
  • Case that has been processed into a state as it is unable to identify the customer
  • Case that has been asked to provide by law and ordinances

For correction and disclosure of personal information

We will respond appropriately if there is a request for deletion or correction and disclosure of personal information of the customer.

Contact for the protection of personal information

For inquiries about personal information and procedures with respect to disclosure, please contact us from the “CONTACT US” page.

enactment date July 30, 2011
ARI Osaka Co., Ltd.
CEO Tetsuo Fujihara